Work packages (WP) / Deliverables (D)

D.1.1 consortium agreement:

D 1.2 meetings minutes and documentation:

D.2.1 Meeting report Transnational stakeholder workshop:

D 2.2 Three consolidated focus group reports with module description of the practical phases:

D 2.3 Contractual templates in national languages

D.3.1 Flowchart of processes in dual HE programmes, including guidleines and working procedures for the development of practical content

D 3.2 Toolkit of templates and checklist for documentation and assessment of the practical phases

D.4.1 Inventory of the country-specific and legal requirements

D.6.1 Evaluation plan

Guidelines for design and implementation of dual practice integrated higher education engineering programmes in the national context of Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania:


D.7.1. Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy

D 7.2 project identity