Project Meetings

13-15 December 2017 Wismar, Germany ​

Kick off Meeting and Transnational stakeholder workshop

5-7 June 2018 Pula, Croatia

Second transnational project meeting

11-13 December 2018 Graz, Austria

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Regional Focus group meetings

University partners LBUS, TUV and PTP  organised  regional focus group workshops with the partner enterprises. The working groups review the curricula of the 3 selected programmes, and analysed the required skills and define practical exercises related to the taught programme modules, and map the developed practical phases with ECTS. Project-based learning approach that relies on guided self-learning of the students will be applied in designing the practical training content. This approach will allow students to continue their work after the in-company training using the university facilities under the guidance of the academic tutor.

The focus groups follow the guidelines and working procedures prepared in WP3 in the form of a flowchart. The process of joint design of the practical phases was documented and consolidated report per focus group was produced.

Politehnika Pula, Croatia

Meeting dates:

  • 26.02.2018
  • 29.03.2018
  • 26.04.2018
  • 17.05.2018

Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Meeting dates:

  • 21.03.2018
  • 18.04.2018
  • 16.05.2018

Lucian Blaga University, Romania

Meeting dates:

  • 26.02.2018
  • 26.03.2018
  • 18.05.2018