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Company mentors were educated how to provide dual higher education

Lasting a week, from 30.05 to 5.06, DYNAMIC partner AHK Bulgaria organised and ran a Train-the-trainer course with company representatives from ABB Bulgaria, Keppel FELS Baltech, MTG Dolphin Shipyard, Herti Ltd as well as TU Varna.

The training is part of the 4th Work package of the DYNAMIC project „Train the trainer course for industrial supervisors in dual higher education programmes“. With a total duration comprising of 40 lesson units and based on the training scheme and materials also used in Germany by the Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude and the 79 Chambers of Commerce and Industry within Germany, the training content was developed with a coverage of the following key topics: the role of the company mentor/trainer; planning of the company training; improvement of the pedagogical and necessary soft skills; structuring training and teaching methods; legal aspects of the dual higher education and organisation of the training in real work environment.

The dozen participants, who themselves are now qualified to train other company mentors, acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills and gave positive feedback form the organised training and the educational, pedagogical, psychological and legal knowledge they received during the training. These persons can now act as multipliers, in-house or industry-wide to promote the quality mentoring of students in the practice-related parts of their dual studies.

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