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The Trainings provided by AHK Romania were highly appreciated by the participants

Oana Nastasă (The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) reports on the train-the-trainer course (TTT) run as part of the DYNAMIC project.

 Why TTT Training?

In the DYNAMIC Project, the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) has the role to develop training materials customized for the higher education sector and to integrate the results in customized TTT training offering for enterprises.

A very important element in the dual education is the qualification of mentors. This training specifies how pedagogical and professional skills can be combined with activity-based and process-oriented content.

The TTT Training – under the DYNAMIC project – gives the participants or new mentors the pedagogical competency according to the German System known as best practices approach in the field of dual education.

Analysis of training needs

After researching the training needs of the enterprise’s mentors involved in the field of education (from companies Marquardt and Continental from Sibiu) – AHK has delivered, at end of May and beginning of June 2019, two adapted TTT Trainings for company tutors. These trainings reached 25 participants overall.

Overview of TTT trainings

The main objectives of the two TTT trainings were:

  1. to develop and to encourage the professional and the pedagogical skills of the mentors in order to efficiently train the students involved in the dual education system;
  2. to introduce the participants to the basic principles of learning and to fully establish the responsibility of the mentor;
  3. to inform participants of the methods of training available to them, with particular attention given to didactical conversation and to the on-the-job session (4 steps method).

Structure of the training

The TTT Training involved 4 steps:

  1. Evaluate Training Requirements in relation to dual higher education sector
  2. Prepare Training
  3. Conduct Training
  4. Complete Training / Evaluation

Training duration: 25 hours for each training course, covering the following topics:

  • Higher dual education system in Europe;
  • Principles of effective learning, the process of learning, factors that hinder learning;
  • Obtaining and holding the students’ attention, facilitating understanding, motivation;
  • Why train? The mentor’s role and responsibility;
  • Methods of training – the right method for the dual education field;
  • Types of training aids – how to make and use them;
  • Planning and delivering a training;
  • Evaluating, how to give a feedback;
  • Organising and managing a training session – practical activity.

Feedbacks from participants (via Mentimeter):

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